Training on Cloud Computing

We conducted a 2 day event at a rural college “Samarth Group of Institutes, College of Engineering” on 10th and 11th of march.

The purpose was to educate students on cloud technologies, virtualization and linux, and various career opportunities associated with them. The target audience were primarily students from the above mentioned college and nearby colleges in that region. The college is located in Belhe(Tal: Rajuri) on the Nasik road and takes around 3 hrs to reach there from Pune.

Around 150 students attended Day1 and it’s success was reflected on Day 2 when more than 200 students came to attend the event. Response was amazing. Students were shy in the beginning but once we got them curious & interested, lots of queries, questions were pouring in.

Topics covered:

Day 1
1. Introduction to cloud.
2. Technologies behind it.
3. Virtualization & Types of virutalization.
4. Linux and types of virtualization.
5. Career opportunities as a developer and system admin.

Day 2 :
1. Demo of linux installation.
2. Hands of linux installation.

Due to time constraint we could only cover the basics, and there is so much more to share.

Last year, I conducted a 3 day event ” Train the Teachers” in Sinhagad institute (SIMCA) on “Introduction to linux” from various engineering colleges in Maharashtra. It was attended by approx. 50 teachers, and the response was amazing. And they promised that they’ll be teaching their students about linux and it’s benefits :) .

I wish i could share more of my experience and expertise with other teachers and students.

College: Samarth College



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